2024 SoCal SuperStates Scholastic State Chess Championship

Southern California State Qualifier for National Invitational Championship

March 16-17, 2024 (Sat. & Sun.)

Questions? Email To: SuperStates@icea1.org


  1. [3/18/2024] Final results have been published. Please click on the "Final Result" button to check the USCF Reporting respectively.
  2. Congrats to David Gasparyan from American Chess Academy for becoming the 2024 SoCal Scholastic Chess Champion.
  3. Congrats to Angela Liu from ICEA Chess for becoming the 2024 SoCal Girls Chess Champion.
  4. Congrats to Sultai Chyngyz from South Lake Middle School for becoming the 2024 SoCal Scholastic K-8 Chess Champion.
  5. Congrats to Glenn Zhang & Jacob Wang from Beyond Chess for becoming the 2024 SoCal Scholastic K-5 Chess Co-Champions.
  6. Congrats to Howard Wang from Simply Chess & Wesley Kwan from Beyond Chess for becoming the 2024 SoCal Scholastic K-3 Chess Co-Champions.


  1. All events (except Bughouse) are USCF-rated (not FIDE-rated).
  2. Chess sets will be provided for all events.
  3. Please remember to bring your own chess clock.
  4. Players in sections for 3rd grade and above (Except K-4 U400 in 1-Day event) will be required to take notation. Electronic devices are strictly prohibited.
  5. The March Supplement rating will be used for the eligibility of sections.
  6. SCCF membership is mandatory for all Championship Sections, including the Champ K-1 Section (NOT required for other JV sections or 1-day events). Click here to pay the annual membership fee if it has expired.


March 16-17, 2024 (Sat. & Sun.)

  • Championship K-12
  • Championship K-8
  • Championship K-5
  • Championship K-3

Minimum Rating Requirement for Championship Sections (March Supplement Rating will be used):

  1. K-3: 600
  2. K-5: 800
  3. K-8: 1000
  4. K-12: 1000

Championship K-1
+ Junior Varsity

March 16-17, 2024 (Sat. & Sun.)

  • Championship K-1
  • K-12 Under 1600
  • K-8 Under 1400
  • K-6 Under 1000
  • K-6 Under 700
  • K-3 Under 700

Blitz Championship

March 16, 2024 (Sat.)

  • Blitz Championship

1-Day Young Rookies

March 16, 2024 (Sat.)

  • K-2 U200 (Sat.)

March 17, 2024 (Sun.)

  • K-4 U400 (Sun.)


March 15, 2024 (Friday)

  • Bughouse Championship

Valencia Hyatt
(Venue & Main Hotel)

24500 Town Center Dr. Valencia, CA 91355


Day Event Parking is Free.

Overnight Parking is $10 + tax per night.

Best Western Valencia/Six Flags Inn & Suites (Alternative)

27513 Wayne Mills Place, Valencia, California 91355

Free Parking & WIFI

Breakfast is included



National Invitationals - How to earn the opportunity to represent SoCal

The following finishers who are residents of Southern California will be invited to represent Southern California at the respective invitational events at the 2024 US Open:


  • Top 9th-12th Grade Finisher in the K-12th Championship - Denker Tournament of State High School Champions
  • Top Female Finisher in the Championship K-12 - Haring Tournament of State Girl Champions
  • Top 6-8th Grade Finisher in the Championship K-8 - Barber Tournament of State Middle School Champions
  • Top K-5th Grade Finisher in the Championshiop K-5 - Rockefeller Tournament of State Elementary School Champions

For top 9th-12th Grade & top female finisher in the K-12 Championship, Chess Prodigies will award two $4,000 scholarships from the 1000GM College Scholarship Fund (for a total of $8,000) to the college of choice. Additionally, Chess Prodigies will gift a $400 travel stipend and SCCF will gift an additional $400 travel stipend ($800 in total) for each of the all scholastic state representatives upon completion of all rounds of their respective National Invitationals.


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