2024 ICEA Chess
Monthly USCF-rated

Playing Competitive Chess Tournaments in West LA
Players rated 2000+ are eligible to play for free.
All Children and Adults are welcome!

Upcoming Tournament
Feb. 10th, 2024@St. Andrew

11555 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
>> Advance Entries <<

Entry Fee:

$25 (Pay Online) / $30 (Pay Onsite)
(2000+ Players play for free)



  • Option 1: Using online registration link in below event schedule table (find “Registration / Result” column and click on “Register Here”) to register online (NOTE: if you choose this option, there is no need to fill the the form mentioned in other options unless you want to request a bye after the registration)
  • Option 2: Venmo $25 registration fee to @intlcea or Zelle to donate@intlcea.org and fill this form.
  • Option 3: Fill this form First, Pay $30 Onsite.


For each section:
  • 6-10 Players: Top 3 players
  • 11-20 Players: Top 4 Players
  • 20-30 Players: Top 5 Players
  • 30-40 Players: Top 6 Players

(The prize payout will be based on the number of players in each section. 70% of the collection will be added to the prize pool. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split among the winners with the same scores.)


ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew

Nolte Community Center

11555 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Play-up Policy:

Please note that the Play-up option is only available to players within 200 USCF rating points of the section they want to play in. For instance, if you wish to play in the 1800+ section, your rating cannot be below 1600 based on your current month’s supplement rating or your most recent rating. If you’re an unrated player who hasn’t played any rated games yet, you’ll need to start with the U1000 section. Keep in mind that your rating will be provisional within your first 25 rated games, and we’ll use your provisioned rating for section eligibility.

Byes Policy:

You can request any number of byes (the rounds to skip) for your convenience by filling the form or send an email to chess@icea1.org, but make sure to request a bye at least one hour before the tournament round begins. Only one half-point bye will be allowed for sections rated 1000+/1800+ and it cannot be in the last round. All other byes are 0-point byes.

2024 Schedule & Registration

Event Date Registration/Result Player List
2024 February ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 2/10/2023 Register Here Click Here
2024 March ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 3/9/2023 TBA TBA
2024 April ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 4/13/2024 TBA TBA
2024 May ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 5/11/2024 TBA TBA
2024 June ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 6/8/2024  To skip due to a conflict with National Open N/A
2024 July ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 7/13/2024 TBA TBA
2024 August ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 8/10/2024 TBA TBA
2024 September ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 9/14/2024 TBA TBA
2024 October ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 10/12/2024 TBA TBA
2024 November ICEA Chess @ St. Andrew 11/9/2024 TBA TBA
2024 ICEA Annual Championship 12/14/2024 TBA TBA

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