ICEA Chess Learning Ladders


Learn the basics of chess, including rules and basic strategies.


Build on your chess knowledge, explore tactics, and practice openings.


Refine your skills, study advanced strategies, and analyze complex positions.

Competition Team

Join the competition team, participate in tournaments, and challenge yourself against skilled opponents.

Hybrid Learning Session = Online Class + In-Person Workshop

At ICEA Chess, we believe in providing a comprehensive and flexible approach to chess education for children, which is why we offer a blend of engaging online classes and interactive in-person workshops. Our online classes are designed to bring the world of chess directly to your child's fingertips, offering the convenience of learning from the comfort of home while maintaining a high level of interactivity and personal attention from our experienced instructors. On the other hand, our in-person workshops provide a dynamic and collaborative environment where children can immerse themselves in the strategic world of chess, fostering social connections and hands-on learning experiences. By offering both online and in-person options, we ensure that every child has access to quality chess education, catering to diverse learning preferences and providing a well-rounded chess learning journey. Join ICEA Chess in unlocking the intellectual and social benefits of chess for your child, whether they prefer the virtual classroom or the lively atmosphere of our in-person workshops.

  • 6 Online Classes + 2 In-Person Workshops.
  • One Free Entry to participate USCF-rated Tournament.
  • Each student is placed in a small group with peers of similar chess levels to ensure an engaging and instructive session.
  • Flexible schedule. You can choose any week to learn at your convenience.

Online Class

Discover the world of chess with our online lessons tailored to three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Learn the basics, sharpen your skills, or master advanced strategies with our experienced instructors. 

In-Person Workshop

ICEA Chess in-person workshops offer an immersive and interactive chess learning experience via Lectures and Quads Chess Tournaments.

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ICEA Coaches & Example Online Class Videos

Felix Guo

2022 Chess Summer Camp (Beginner)

Angela Liu

2023 Reserve Competition Team

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