ICEA Chess in SuperStates 2024

ICEA Chess in SuperStates 2024

(from left to right) Julian Colville, Felix Guo, Esther Jou(Co-Captian), Alex Wang(Captian), Angela Liu(Co-Captian), Elena Zhang

The 2024 SuperStates, hosted by ICEA & Coach Jay in Valencia, CA from March 16-17, have concluded with over 600 participants from more than 100 school/club teams. The ICEA Chess Club proudly co-organized this monumental event, with ICEA Chess honored to serve as the host under the guidance of Coach Jay, ensuring the smooth execution of the tournament.

Beyond its role as host, the ICEA Chess Team also distinguished itself by clinching three team awards across in Championship Sections and two team awards in JV Sections.

SectionTeam AwardTeam Members
Championship K-12ChampionAlex Wang (Captain)
Esther Jou (Co-Captain)
Angela Liu (Co-Captain)
Sihan Tao
Elena Zhang
Ethan Hsiao
Tori Porat
Vanessa Zhou
Championship K-8ChampionJulian Colville (Lead)
Felix Guo (Co-Lead)
Forest Sherwood
William Wang
Jerry Chang
Sabarish Kailasam
Championship K-53rd PlaceSean Jura (Lead)
Jeffrey Wei
Zidaan Hussain
JV K-8 U14005th PlaceAustin Huang (Lead)
Benjamin Samuel
Elliott Rimbert
Bryce Mcintyre
Gavin Willi Novak
Isabella Yu
Kaitlyn Otey
JV K-6 U10004th PlaceArjun Kumar (Lead)
Aarin Sahota

In the K-12 Section, ICEA Coaches Angela, Alex, Elena, and Esther, alongside team members Sihan Tao, Tori Porat, Vanessa Zhou and Ethan Hsiao, propelled the team to victory as the K-12 Team Champion. Similarly, in the K-8 Section, ICEA Members Julian Colville, Forest Sherwood, Felix Guo (myself), Jerry Chang, Sabarish Kailasam, and William Wang secured first place. Despite having only three members, Jeffery Wei, Sean Jura, and Zidaan Hussain, ICEA managed to secure third place in the K-5 Section.

(from left to right) TD Kevin, Julian Colville, Forest Sherwood, Sabarish Kailasam, William Wang, Jerry Chang, Felix Guo, Coach Jay

ICEA Team Captain Alex Wang become the alternate in the K-12 Section due to his impressive second-place finish, while ICEA Team Co-Captain Angela Liu claimed the title of Haring Representative for Southern California with a commendable third-place finish overall.

In individual standings, Julian Colville and Forest Sherwood secured third and fourth place respectively in the K-8 Section with 4.5 points each, while Jeffery Wei attained fifth place in the entirety of the K-5 Section.

In the JV Sections, Isabella Yu scored 6.5/10 in the K-8 U1400 Section. Not far behind her, Austin Huang scored an amazing 6/10. Overall, ICEA Chess secured the 5th Team Award.

Arjun Kumar came in 8th place in the K-6 U1000 Section, showing impressive resilience after losing his opening two matches. He bounced back and won all his remaining games! Arjun also teamed up with Aarin Sahota to clinch a 4th place finish in the Team Award for their section.

In the K-6 U700 Section, Jun Choi scored an incredible 8/10 and got 2nd place overall!

Everyone performed exceptionally well. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 2025 SuperStates. I’m proud of the team and our accomplishments.

TD Fari is setting up cameras for broadcasting top boards before the round starts
ICEA Chess Competition Team is studying chess in between the rounds.
ICEA Chess Team in the SuperStates

Additionally, I aim to share a game of mine that illustrates the consequences of excessive greed and neglecting piece development.

Now, I challenge you all to find what I played next as white.

I hope you all found the amazing tactic to win the game. It is a simple remove the defender tactic.

11. Qxh5+!! Rxh5 12. Bg6#

(highlight above black bar to see the answer)

– reported by Felix

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