ICEA Chess Workshop #3

ICEA Chess Workshop #3

2023-06-11 (Sunday)

9am – 11:30am

We are thrilled to announce that nearly 30 kids from the ages of 5 to 13 participated in the third ICEA chess workshop, the first of two scheduled for the summer of 2023. The kids were divided into six groups, or quads (A, B, C, D, E, and F), and further grouped into two main sections. Prior to the tournament, a mini-lesson was held for each group to help the kids warm up and prepare for the tournament. Coaches Alex, Felix, and Austin guided quads C-F outdoors, while Coach Esther led quads A and B in the rec room. The kids swept each other off the board in the casual games and the quads in a fun, friendly environment. Additionally, snacks were provided for those hungry for more than just chess knowledge.

Medals were provided for the winners of each quad. In Quad A, Gabriel I. swept the quad with a perfect score of 3 consecutive wins! Zaven D. took home the prize in the fiercely competitive Quad B, winning in an intense blitz playoff with 2/3 points. Peyton K. emerged victorious in Quad C, with another perfect score of 3/3! Koa K. triumphed in Quad D, with a flawless performance of 3/3.  The strongest player of Quad E was Samuel G! Last, but certainly not least, Shelby Z. claimed the victory in Quad F.

ICEA Chess Team

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